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Make Your Kitchen To Be Your Own Design

October 14, 2016 / by admin01 / in uncategorized
The kitchen is a very important space in our daily live and the kitchen cabinet is the main furniture in this room.To be clean and tidy is the basic requirement for a kitchen. A set of kitchen cabinet with good design to fit your kitchen will helps you a lot. Therefore,based on the cabinet’s function, we can add some details to make our kitchen to be more alive and more with our personality. There are lots of ways to add details to our kitchen without making any major changes or spending a big sum of money. Adding a few smaller details will add to the overall value of your Kitchen. Here we have some tips.

To replace the solid door by glass
Replacing the typical solid panel fronts with glass in some way will help you to check what you put in the cabinet quickly, further more it is a great way to add personal style to your kitchen. There are many choices of glass, except for transparent one, we can also choose frosted glass or stained one, reeded glass or seeded glass.They offer a little glimpse into your personal style, in which you can display your favorite dishware or decorative pieces. In addition, glass door fronts give the illusion of space, and make the area more inviting.Except for the classic glass mentioned above,printed glass with some fashionable patterns also are very popular in recent years. The pattern and the color you choose will bring your kitchen more livable

To “coronate” your kitchen cabinet
Some people prefer their kitchen to be simple, so they choose cabinets in simple designs,with straight and clear lines.Based on this choice, some people would like their kitchen to be a little bit more decorative. If you are in this favor,to add crown molding to your kitchen cabinet would be a good decision. It will not be too much but more than the simple lines. The crown molding can be used as a decorative piece to put a classy finishing touch on kitchen cabinets, without even touching the wall. Customized crown molding design can be put in more of your idea. Golden pattern as the trim is very popular in European design for crown molding on white kitchen cabinet.


To add your kitchen with Pop Color
People are always chasing fashion. Fashion is not just about classic design but also with wonderful color. Our kitchen could be also fashionable, even the design of cabinet is simple, we can add some colors to make it be our fashionable style. On cabinets, on door panels, on counter-tops even on appliances, you can use a pop color on any part of them to make it outstanding. If you want to be more flexible to change the color, the decorative pieces in bright color are the simplest way to adding color to your kitchen, and they’re never permanent! You can also use some colorful dishware to attract attention if your kitchen is with light color like white as base tune.



To use bead-board in your kitchen
Bead-board is a classic addition to any room in your home– especially the kitchen. It will give the room a clean look, and is an easy way to add architectural details to your plain walls. The simple, yet eye catching materials works in a variety of kitchens– everything from transitional, and beach house, to farmhouse styles. The material is fairly priced, and can be quickly and easily installed.


To put designs on corbels
From the old buildings and furniture, we can see Chinese are good at putting designs on corbels,no matter it is wooden or stone, with carving or paintings. You can also play designing on the corbels,choose your favorite pattern to put it on,to complement your island or other cabinetry with designed corbels to make them serve as both a useful and beautiful element in your kitchen. Instead of just being a plain bracket, a decorative corbels will be more valuable.


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